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Corporate Vouchers

Corporate Childcare Voucher Schemes are a government initiative that allows working parents like you to save on your childcare costs. The vouchers are taken from your salary before your usual Tax and NI contributions are deducted so the vouchers could save you up to £933.

We have partnered with several Corporate Childcare Voucher companies for your convenience.

The most common method of offering childcare vouchers is through your salary; you elect to take part of your existing salary as childcare vouchers. We then order your vouchers and you receive them electronically on the day specified, usually your payday. You then use these e-vouchers to pay us directly online.

Make big savings with tax-relief on up to £55 a week (£933 per year)
Double your allowance if your partner is eligible
Avoid paying NI on the value of vouchers

Save money on your childcare costs

How much can I request to receive in childcare vouchers?
You can receive childcare vouchers up to £243 each month (or £55 each week if you are paid weekly) if you are a basic rate tax payer. Higher rate tax payers can receive up to £124 each month, and additional rate tax payers can receive up to £110 each month. These amounts apply to the 2013/2014 tax year, and are subject to change.

Tax Bracket Basic Rate Higher Rate Additional Rate
Salary Threshold Up to £41,450 £41,451-£150,000 Over £150,000
Weekly Maximum £55 £28 £25
Monthly Maximum £243 £124 £110
Annual Saving £933 £624 £620

Can both parents claim for the same child?
Yes, if both their employers run a childcare voucher programme, then both parents or guardians can claim for the same child or children.

Does it make a difference if I have more than one child?
Savings are based on salary per parent or legal guardian, not the number of children. Each parent can only request a maximum of £243 worth of vouchers each month (for a basic rate tax payer), which are free of tax or National Insurance.

What if my childcare costs are more than I’m allowed to take in vouchers?
If your childcare costs are more than the maximum amount of vouchers you are eligible to take, then you pay the balance to your childcare provider in the usual way.


Corporate Vouchers


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