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Pre School Room

Our Pre-school rooms are overseen by our room leader Joanne. One of the principal aims for our pre-school children is to ensure they receive highest quality care and early education. We deliver this in child centred preschool rooms in accordance with the principles from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). By using this approach to learning we are enhancing their preparation for the move to "big school".

We provide a balanced provision of adult supported and play experiences. We ensure our pre-school room includes complexity and challenge, with the aim of encouraging children's initiative and development of skills. We support our children's development and consolidation of these skills and concepts by giving them the time and opportunities to make sense of their world, grow in confidence, and for them to believe in themselves as capable and powerful learners. We believe our children strive in an environment where they have first hand experiences of the world around them.

Our progressive approach to the EYFS ensures high quality delivery of the EYFS. The EYFS sets out three prime areas and four specific areas of learning. The prime areas are:-

  1. Communication and language
  2. Physical development
  3. Personal , social and emotional development

    and the four specific areas, through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied are :

  4. Mathematics
  5. Literacy
  6. Understanding of the world
  7. Expressive arts and designs

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Pre-School Room
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