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Sensory Room

Our Sensory room is a big hit with our babies.

In here we have a whole range of tactile objects, sounds, and lights for the children to explore and experience. It is a magical place, a little world of it's own filled with soothing sounds, moving lights and colours, things to touch and feel creating an adventure all of it's own.

It is also a place where if anyone is having one of those sad days they can loose themselves in a little world of their own and have some time to themselves, perhaps reading a book or just enjoying the magic.

The benefits of sensory stimulation are well known. They provide an oasis of relaxation which in turn promotes a child's emotional health, a place where they can rest and just experience their environment.

It is also a haven of tranquility where a parent or carer can bond with a child, providing a peaceful area away from an everyday busy lifestyle.

We designed the room for little ones but it's no secret that our bigger children and our staff love it too !

Read what parents say about us on our testimonials page.

Sensory Room
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