Our Baby Room at Whiz Kids Day Nursery

Our Baby Rooms

Our baby unit comprises of two adjoining rooms that are overseen by our room leader Lauren. We cater for an age range from 3 months up to 2 years old. We have a daily routine which we follow to help new babies settle in, but if your baby has any special needs or already has a routine which you would like us to follow then we can accommodate that for you.

The rooms offer a stimulating environment to help your baby to grow, learn and develop. All the staff have great bonds and relationships with the children and maintain a strong parent partnership.

We offer a range of daily activities including mark making, using play dough, painting, sticking, gluing and even messy play!

Our Baby Room at Whiz Kids Day Nursery

All the staff enjoy seeing the children grow and develop and reach new milestones.

We have a large outdoor baby garden at the nursery where the children explore outside every day subject to the weather! Here there are also outside activities for them to do and areas for them to explore.

We often go for local walks to Notcutts and to Ferry Meadows, which is a favorite with the children where we watch and feed the ducks and have a picnic. We also have special outings - yes even for the babies!

We have phased out our travel cots in favour of Dream Coracles which is giving our babies more independence as to when they are ready to sleep. They are proving an enormous success.

Read what parents say about us on our testimonials page.

Whiz Kids Ofsted Good Nursery

Anna Davies - Ofsted inspector said:-

"Babies constantly babble, some with much expression and gesturing. They benefit from lots of back-and-forth conversations with staff, who sit at children's level. Staff join in play, sing, narrate what children are doing, use simple sign language and imitate children's early speech. These interactions help all children to make good progress in their communication and language development."

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