Parent Partnership at Whiz Kids Day Nursery

Parent Partnership

We always aim to build and maintain good working relationships with all our parents. We endeavor to do this by:-

Prospective Parents

Providing an Information Pack in which we give general information about the Nursery.

Encouraging visits to the Nursery, show the parents around, talk about
the Nursery, routines, activities etc.

Talking prospective parents through the Nursery Handbook which explains our policies.

Parent Partnership and Whiz Kids Day Nursery

Current Parents

Communicating nursery activities and information regarding their child and their day.

Ensure there is access to the Nursery Handbook and Latest Ofsted Inspection Report for all parents.

A monthly newsletter that is circulated to all parents keeping them informed of up and coming events. We also have an active facebook page as well as this website where further information is available.
As well as one off events during the year which we hold for parents we have an annual Family Fun Day every summer, when parents, staff and children get together for a day of fun. As we have many families who have siblings who attend the Nursery this is a great opportunity for unity and partnership with families and the school.

Parents who have particular skills or knowledge are encouraged to help and support in their contributions towards particular events or theme’s that we may be celebrating such as Safety and People who Help Us. Support in developing knowledge of other cultures and festivals will also be invaluable support from parents.


Our 'Parents Charter' supports the legislation we must uphold and advises parents of what each other expects for the Nursery and of parents as an integral part of the team. This will also incorporate things that are important to ensure their child’s comfort whilst in our care.

Our "state of the art" ParentZone system allows parents to log in and see the everyday progress of their child - and even contribute to their child's learning journal with accomplishments at home. It also gives access to all the billing information and allows payments to be made online.

Whiz Kids Ofsted Good Nursery

Anna Davies - Ofsted inspector said:-

"Staff work closely with parents to meet the needs of children, including those who speak English as an additional language and where there maybe developmental concerns. Parents speak very positively of the changes made in the nursery over the last year and say they can really see a difference for their children."

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