Keeping your Child Safe at Whiz Kids Day Nursery

Keeping Your Child Safe

We know that when you entrust your child to our care, it is our duty to look after them as well as you would. We’ve taken every measure to ensure your child is safe during their time with us at nursery.

Safe with CCTV Monitoring

These days everyone is acutely aware of the dangers posed by strangers, so we have CCTV cameras monitoring the exterior of the building, and through the use of an electronic access system no unauthorised access to the building is possible.

We ask for file photos of any person wishing to be permitted to collect a child, and photo identification will be requested before a child can be signed out of the nursery.

Keeping your Child Safe at Whiz Kids Day Nursery

Safety First

Inside the nursery, we eliminate the risk of accidents through a huge number of safety measures. Children are also closely supervised at all times to make sure they are kept safe.

Any accidents that do occur are recorded and reported to parents promptly.

In the baby rooms we maintain extremely high adult to child ratios, up to one-to-one care for the youngest children. Sleeping babies are checked at least every 10 minutes, and their environment is monitored for maximum comfort.

Peace of Mind with Parental Webcam

We have nurserycam (See our Nursery Webcam Page), and offer their Parental Webcam Service. The Parental Webcam gives parents the opportunity to ‘drop in’ via the internet at allocated times, and also the opportunity be more involved in their children’s activities.

Read what parents say about us on our testimonials page.

Whiz Kids Ofsted Good Nursery

Anna Davies - Ofsted inspector said:-

"All staff receive regular training and benefit from continuous opportunities to keep their safeguarding knowledge up to date and relevant. Children understand routines in place to keep them safe such as regular roll calls and head counts."

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